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I had a minor accident on Monday, Nov. 30!
Ended up in the ER, but am back home now.
I'm okay, just a bit slow, and may not
respond to your questions as promptly
as I'd like to. Sorry!
As if that wasn't enough...
Croatia got hit by a major earthquake today.
This one was 50km from Zagreb, where we're located.
At 6.2 on the Richter scale, it was 30 times stronger
than the one that hit Zagreb in March.
The local nuclear power plant (Krsko) was shut down automatically.
Power is all but stable at the moment.
I may not be online as regularly as I'm used to!
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Delphi Memory Management
for Classic and ARC Compilers

Delphi Event-based
and Asynchronous Programming

Delphi Thread Safety Patterns

Delphi Memory ManagementDelphi Event-based and Asynchronous ProgrammingDelphi Thread Safety Patterns

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